Jazz for Young Children:  Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers combine jazz music, storytelling and improvisational theater techniques to teach music, literature and social skills to young children.
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"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing and Jazz for Young Children's got it."

-Chris Raschka


All performances can be tailored to fit a specific grade level.

Louise Rogers and Rick Strong Programs and Performances

Contact Louise Rogers:
212-923-2498 or 646-228-9115

Bop Boo Day!: Grades K - 4; customized for appropriate grade levels
From their self produced CD, Bop Boo Day!, Louise Rogers and Rick Strong celebrate some of the greatest artists of jazz. Through songs, poems and stories, very young children are introduced to Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. In a call-and-response style, Rogers sings and scats and the kids respond, making the performance an interactive experience for all.

Jazzy Fairy Tales: Grades pre-k - 2
Swing, boogie and dance as the playfulness of jazz gives these original versions of well known fairy tales new life! Children are transported into a magical world where chocolate pudding tames a wolf, bears boogie and sing the blues, and trolls and goats scat and dance on tippy toes over bridges. Fun stanzas like "Bop Boo Bop, Bop Boo Bay, Piggy feet hop, Piggy feet play", sung with an Andrews Sisters swing will make children want to sing, dance and bop along in this interactive performance piece.

Bebop, Bass Lines and Blues: Grades 4 - 12; customized for appropriate grade levels
Exploring jazz repertoire through the Bass and Voice. An interactive approach to introducing the children to the Standard Jazz Repertoire and the stories behind the songs and jazz artists themselves; Students will be encouraged to participate with vocal improvisation (scatting), rhythmic activities, compositional techniques and singing.

From Slavery to Blues: Grades 5 and 6
Take a musical journey through time! The Blues is derived from the field songs, also known as holler songs, of the African Slaves. Beginning with a field song we will work way up through time demonstrating musical influences as we go and ending with the blues.

Jazz for Severely Disabled Children
Louise has worked extensively with severely disabled children at the Henry Viscardi School since 2005. Jazz provides the perfect vehicle for these children to express themselves. Louise has worked with therapists to make instruments accessible for children with physical disabilities and has developed teaching techniques for children who have limited vocal capabilities. Louise has been invited to many conferences to speak on this. She has also co-authored an article with Dr. Kim McCord. The article describes a 2 year jazz program with these exceptional children. In addition, Louise is featured in the book Bringing Out the Music: A Handbook for Teaching Music to Physically Challenged Students

Residencies: All of the above programs/performances are also available for residencies.