Jazz for Young Children:  Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers combine jazz music, storytelling and improvisational theater techniques to teach music, literature and social skills to young children.
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"The kids had a lot of fun. Louise was amazing! She worked really well with the kids and they loved the songs."

-Kirstin Anderson
Music teacher from St. Aloysius


Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers
Jazz Mosaic
Jazz Mosaic brings the joy of jazz music into your classroom every day through a variety of age-appropriate, play-centered lessons that can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Students will learn about jazz greats, styles, and history through activities and cross-curricular connections that are creative and engaging. Easy to teach, the music lessons are appropriate for children in pre-school through third grade. The accompanying CD contains examples and vocals for echoing, learning and fun! Jazz Mosaic provides a broad range of enjoyable and educational activities from which to choose for both classroom and music teachers. Your students will discover the exciting world of jazz music and will be beboppin' and scatting with the cool cats in no time with Jazz Mosaic!

Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers
Jazzy Fairy Tales
Swing, boogie and dance as the playfulness of jazz gives these original versions of well known fairy tales new life! From the first sounds of Rick's bass and Louise's voice, children are transported into a magical world where chocolate pudding tames a wolf, bears boogie and sing the blues, and trolls and goats scat and dance on tippy toes over bridges. Written by Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers.

1. The 3 Jazzy Little Pigs / 2. The 3 Jazzy Goats / 3. The 3 Jazzy Bears

Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers
Jazzy Fairy Tales Resource Guide and CD
By Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers. Written by classroom teacher and storyteller Susan Milligan together with jazz singer and music teacher Louise Rogers, The Jazzy Fairy Tales CD with manual is designed to help you bring jazz music into your classroom. The activities provided in the manual can supplement your existing program or provide you with a ready-made, easy-to-use, all-encompassing music curriculum. It is user friendly even if you have no previous music knowledge.

The Appendix includes Music Theory terms, Jazz terminology, Standard Blues form and notation (melody with chords indicated) for most of the themes and songs in the stories. 78 pages.

Contents: Introduction / The Three Jazzy Little Pigs / The Three Jazzy Goats / The Three Jazzy Bears / Appendix

Louise Rogers
Come Ready and See Me
A beautiful CD featuring works by Mike Mainieri, Jerry Bergonzi, Louise Rogers, Nikki Giovanni, Richard Hundley, Gottfried Stoger, and Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern. Brilliant and expressive instrumentally and vocally with Paul Meyers, guitar: Rick Strong, bass: Matthew Fries, piano: Gottfried Stoger, saxophones: Mathias Kunzli, percussion and drums: Louise Rogers, Vocals. Engineered by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, N.Y.

1. Islands / 2. Conjunction / 3. Be My Baby / 4. Come Ready and See Me / 5. Poetic Song / 6. Shadows of Yesterday / 7. The Song is You / 8. Louise / 9. The Lass From the Low Country

Louise Rogers
Bop Boo Day
Louise Rogers is a growing leader in the field of jazz education for children, as well as an accomplished performer. She and her husband, Rick Strong, have been performing for adults and children for over 15 years. They are active in the public schools doing workshops and residencies, and perform in the public libraries and parks of NYC. At night they are often performing in one of the jazz clubs of the city such as Sweet Rhythm, The Triad, Cornelia Street Cafe, Kavehaz, etc.

1. Crusty Cornbread / 2. Animal Blues / 3. Ella Fitzgerald Sang Bop Boo Day / 4. Dat Dere / 5. Charlie Parker Played be bop / 6. Now's the Time / 7. So What / 8. A Tisket, A Tasket / 9. I Thought About You / 10. What Did You Have For Breakfast?

Louise Rogers and Rick Strong
Bass-ically Speaking
"The idea of a small ensemble had always interested us. We were drawn to and fell in love with the bass and voice concept: the intimacy, the space, and the woody, organic, acoustic sound. The songs on this CD were carefully chosen. We looked for pieces that were interesting, funny, or simply beautiful and that lent themselves to this instrumentation. We hope you enjoy listening to this CD as much as we enjoyed recording it."

Also available at itunes, aol.com, selected Barnes and Nobles.

1. Bass-ically Speaking / 2. Angel In The House / 3. Twisted / 4. Willow Weep For Me / 5. Autumn Leaves / 6. Peace On Earth / 7. Dat Dere / 8. Nana / 9. I Thought About You / 10. Shenandoah