Jazz for Young Children:  Susan Milligan and Louise Rogers combine jazz music, storytelling and improvisational theater techniques to teach music, literature and social skills to young children.
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"Susan's work with the children is very unique because it allows them to be creative, spontaneous, and free with their thoughts."

-Denise Diaz
Medical Center Nursery School


The five workshops/classes listed here create an opportunity to participate in active musical discovery through the world of jazz. Available for teacher workshops, they are perfect for classroom teachers (non-musicians), music teachers, music therapists, teacher's aides and anyone interested in learning how jazz can be an integral part of the Pre-k through grade 3 classroom. Residencies and classroom visits enable us to work closely and creatively with the children. Our workshops, residencies and classroom visits can be tailor made to fit your needs.


Children often "talk the blues" before singing them. Children who sing or talk about their feelings will gain empathy for others and communicate orally with each other. Learn about the cultural history and form of the blues, one of America's greatest musical treasures. This hands on workshop provides an opportunity to create blues songs about personal and shared experiences. By implementing this rich form of music and storytelling, talking or singing about your feelings is simple and fun. "I Miss My Mommy Blues" and "What Did You Have for Breakfast?" are just two of the songs in which we begin to explore this concept. Absolutely no prior knowledge of music is necessary to participate. Instructors combine warmth, knowledge and enthusiasm to create a comfortable and creative learning environment.


How to Use Jazz Everyday in the Classroom (grades K-3)
Learn how to integrate jazz into your school day and the positive implications for major curriculum areas such as math, literature, reading, art, history, multiculturalism and community building. Jazz can help you meet learning standards in math and reading. Absolutely no prior knowledge of music is necessary to learn how to integrate jazz music into your classroom. This workshop provides hands-on opportunities to explore materials including percussion instruments, children's books and CD's. Video clips of actual work in the classroom will be shown and discussed. Techniques will be demonstrated. Actual lesson plans including curriculum goals and standards met will be distributed. This workshop is perfect for teachers who want to include the arts in their classrooms but don't think that they have the time.

Jazz It Up! (pre K)
Jazz, a play-centered approach to music, can become a daily part of your early childhood classroom. You don't need to be a trained musician to explore, create, and improvise with the children through chanting, drumming, basic rhythms and patterning and scat singing. These are developmentally appropriate activities which are easy and fun. Jazz It Up! will help you meet math and pre-reading standards.


The Three Billy Goats Gruff
In this jazzy rendition of the well-known fairy tale, the goats who chant, sing and swing to the music of Duke Ellington, encounter a troll who sings like a "jazzy string bass." In the end the goats befriend the bullying troll and they "swing happily together forever after." This adaptation is perfect for issues regarding bullying and character development, and explores musical concepts such as rhythm and loud/soft. A great springboard for original stories and an introduction to jazz. Ideal for PARP! Teacher workshops also available.

The Jazzy Three Little Pigs
"The Three Little Pigs" comes to life as children act out the story with jazz music and rhythms. As the pigs run from the wolf to the music of Count Basie, sing the "I Miss My Mommy Blues," dance to a poem by Eve Merriam, and build their houses with a rhythmic chant, they understand story, plot and character and are introduced to jazz. There is a surprise ending that will leave everyone laughing and serve as a springboard for original stories. Perfect for Parents as Reading Partners, teacher workshops, and residencies.